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The mission of senken.io:

«Senken is your trusted ally to access reliable carbon credits. Explore industry-tailored carbon credit portfolios - expert-backed, world-leader endorsed..»

Senken.io is a platform that assists companies in investing in CO2 certificates to offset their carbon footprint. It offers industry-specific portfolios compiled by experts and aims to enhance companies' decarbonization processes. Senken.io guarantees the authenticity of the climate projects and provides security for the credits as well as a badge to represent the contribution to climate protection.

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Measure CO2 Emissions
  • Accurately measure the CO2 emissions of your website
  • Clear and easy to understand dashboard


  • All features from the Basic package
  • Automatically donate to our regional partners Aktion Baum and Waldlokal according to the measured carbon emissions
  • Seal for your website


  • All features from the Basic package
  • Compensate according to the measured carbon emissions with the help of our partner senken.io certified by international projects
  • Online certificate and seal for your website

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